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Doesn't Anyone Know What A Pancreas Is?

Liz Ross and William Duffy as Laura and Josh in the Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA production of Doesn’t Anyone Know What a Pancreas Is?

After a pancreatic health scare, a frenzy of internet dating shows Jason he's not alone – everyone is as insecure, confused, desperate and bewildered as he is. Even for his handsome friend Anthony, love is not a done deal. Gorgeous Miranda overlooks perfectly nice men in favor of jerks with accents and Josh and Laura’s eternal love sometimes feels like a long stretch in purgatory. When we get our hearts broken, that's tragedy, when these guys do it, it's a raucous comedy. Forget the pancreas. Doesn't anyone know what love is?

A comedy for three men and four women. 90 minutes with no intermission.

Cast Breakdown: 

JASON: early 30s. Smart, neurotic, shy, attractive, but not super handsome. Over-thinks.

ANTHONY: also early 30s. Great friend, good listener, a man of few words, and a man of his word. Athletic and attractive.

LAURA: over 45, smart, caring, and a control freak. She doesn’t mince words.

JOSH: also over 45. Loving and sweet to Laura. Very preoccupied with his irritation at the world and a bit clueless.

MIRANDA: 30s, beautiful, kind and interesting, she fears being bored and has an attraction to men who will treat her badly.

CANDACE: 30s, attractive, quirky and very smart, a tad damaged and not always able to behave appropriately.

ALLISON: middle-aged, educated, philosophical, Canadian.