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 Doesn’t Anyone Know What A Pancreas Is?

A Rave for Pancreas

Steven Stanley of StageSceneLA has these kind words for Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA’s world premiere production.

“...... Completing the cast of major characters in playwright Real’s romantic roundelay is Candace (Annika Marks), Jason’s latest Internet date, whose love of hedgehogs (combined with some stunning good looks) bodes well for a serious relationship, that is if she can have better luck with Jason than with her previous steady, performance artist Aardvark, whose “performances involved masturbation and so he was always kind of wrung out when we would get together.” There’s also the matter of the seven years Candace spent as a slave in a Buddhist cult, that and the fact that the mere mention of her “slave name Candy” is likely to provoke a public meltdown.

Despite its rather off-putting title (one which suggests none of the pleasures this ninety-minute one-act has to offer), Doesn’t Anybody Know What A Pancreas Is? turns out to be a delight from start to finish and its author a female cross between Neil Simon and Woody Allen. There’s nothing groundbreaking or earthshaking about Real’s multi-character romcom, but she knows how to create interesting, quirky characters we end up caring about even as we laugh at their all too human foibles. .....”

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